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How State Lawmakers Can Restore Freedom on Campus Jan. 30, 2017 Wall Street Journal
Trump Can Help Debunk Alleged College 'Rape Culture' Jan. 29, 2017 A review of The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities by KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor, Jr. Real Clear Politics
Trump's GOP: Perched Between Risk and Opportunity Jan. 25, 2017 A review of The Fourth Way by Hugh Hewitt Real Clear Politics
In Trump Era, a Chance to Reboot Conservatism Jan. 21, 2017 Real Clear Politics
A Defense of Obama That Cherry-Picks the Facts Jan. 17, 2017 A review of Audacity: How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Created a Legacy That Will Prevail by Jonathan Chait Real Clear Politics
Weaponized International Law Jan. 7, 2017 Real Clear Politics
Can Trump and Constitutional Conservatism Coexist? Dec. 11, 2016 Real Clear Politics
What Trump Needs to Know About the Middle East Dec. 4, 2016 A review of Ike’s Gamble by Michael Doran Real Clear Politics
A Poor Guide for Trump's High Court Choices Nov. 28, 2016 A review of The Constitution Today by Akhil Reed Amar Real Clear Politics
Liberal Education and Its Betrayal Nov. 15, 2016 A Tikvah Podcast
Why the Right Splintered But the Left United Nov. 2, 2016 A review of The Demon in Democracy by Ryszard Legutko Real Clear Politics
Giving Israel Its Due Oct. 18, 2016 A review of Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn by Daniel Gordis Defining Ideas
Berkeley Harassment Case Sparks Due-Process Lawsuit Oct. 3, 2016 Real Clear Education
How the Iran Deal Aids Hezbollah, Imperils Israel Sept. 17, 2016 Real Clear Politics
Dowd on America's Dangerous Choice Sept. 10, 2016 A review of The Year of Voting Dangerously by Maureen Dowd Real Clear Politics
Berkeley Betrays Due Process Again Sept. 6, 2016 Defining Ideas
AP Course Standards Have Fallen Prey to Partisanship Sept. 3, 2016 Real Clear Politics
Obama and Iran: A Misguided Messianic Mission Aug. 22, 2016 A review of The Iran Wars by Jay Solomon Real Clear Politics
Comey Failed to Act in the Public Interest July 16, 2016 Real Clear Politics
The Perils of Moral Narcissism July 12, 2016 A review of I Know Best by Roger L. Simon Real Clear Politics
Civics Textbook Wars: Israeli Right Strikes Back June 28, 2016 Real Clear Politics
Rauch's Case That Reform Ruined US Politics June 22, 2016 Real Clear Politics
Strassel Nails the Left's 'Intimidation' Crusade June 18, 2016 A review of The Intimidation Game by Kimberly Strassel Real Clear Politics
Presidential Hopefuls Desert Moderation, Democracy's Glue June 2, 2016 A review of Democracy in Moderation by Paul Carrese Real Clear Politics
Reasonable Reforms for a Fractured America May 22, 2016 A review of The Fractured Republic by Yuval Levin Real Clear Politics
An Assault on Due Process at UC Berkeley May 17, 2016 Real Clear Politics
Double Jeopardy at the University of California Apr. 17, 2016 Real Clear Politics
A Moderate Game Plan for the GOP Apr. 8, 2016 A review of Going Red by Ed Morrissey Real Clear Politics
Foreign Policy Fueled by Fantasy Apr. 5, 2016 A review of Mission Failure by Michael Mandelbaum Real Clear Politics
What Was Wrong with the Old Zionism? Mar. 30, 2016 A review of A Political Theory for the Jewish People by Chaim Gans Mosaic Magazine
Israel's 'Sorrow of the Left' Mar. 24, 2016 Real Clear Politics
The Tradition of Liberal Education Is Under Assault Feb. 11, 2016 A response to "The Coddling of the Conservative Mind" by Jim Sleeper Real Clear Politics
Why Colleges' Common Reading Lists Get an F Feb. 9, 2016 Real Clear Politics
Cruz, Trump and the Caricature of Conservatism Feb. 7, 2016 Real Clear Politics
American Exceptionalism and the 2016 Campaign Jan. 22, 2016 Real Clear Politics
What EJ Dionne Doesn't Get About Conservatism Jan. 15, 2015 A review of Why the Right Went Wrong by EJ Dionne Real Clear Politics
'Anti-Education: On the Future of Our Educational Institutions'--Criticism from Friedrich Nietzsche Jan. 14, 2016 A review of Friedrich Nietzsche, edited by Paul Reitter and Chad Wellmon Commonweal
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