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Can the Federal Government Rescue Campus Free Speech? Mar. 31, 2019 Real Clear Politics
The Most Politically Intolerant Americans Mar. 21, 2019 Real Clear Politics
Conserving International Order Mar. 10, 2019 Real Clear Politics
Rethinking Democracy Promotion and Nationalism Mar. 3, 2019 A review of The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth by Michael Mandelbaum Real Clear Politics
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Colleges' Transformed Mission Misses the Mark Feb. 15, 2019 Real Clear Politics
Conflating Ideas Weakens Constitutional Principles Jan. 30, 2019 Real Clear Politics
Conservatism and the People Winter 2019 City Journal
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Locke, Liberty, and Liberalism Dec. 2018 Interview with host Russ Roberts EconTalk
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Anti-Liberal Zealotry -- Parts I-V Sept. 14-28, 2018 Real Clear Policy
Anti-Liberal Zealotry -- Part I: Our Immoderation Sept. 14, 2018 Real Clear Policy
Israel Wrestles With Nationalism and Freedom Aug. 29, 2018 A review of The Virtue of Nationalism by Yoram Hazony Real Clear Politics
Conservatism's Challenges in the Age of Trump July 8, 2018 A review of Conservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition by Roger Scruton Real Clear Politics
Religious Freedom Isn't Baked into Wedding Cake Ruling June 13, 2018 Real Clear Politics
Israel Can Ease Gaza Tensions, But So Must the UN June 8, 2018 Real Clear Politics
Duke Erodes Liberal Education June 2, 2018 Real Clear Politics
Can Trump's Populist-Conservative Coalition Hold? May 20, 2018 Real Clear Politics
An Israeli's Overture to His Palestinian Neighbors May 12, 2018 A review of Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor by Yossi Klein Halevi Real Clear Politics
The Tangled Web Comey Weaves Apr. 27, 2018 Real Clear Politics
Liberal Education and Liberal Democracy Apr. 20, 2018 A revised and expanded version of the 2018 Scalia Lecture The Weekly Standard
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